Human Resources

We are committed to talent.

Find. Nurture. Retain.

Our people are at the core of our success. PM Hotel Group strives to create and maintain an environment that fosters integrity and trust in a familial environment. We believe in selecting the right associates, compensating them well, and providing an environment where they can learn and grow. PM Hotel Group promotes an associate driven culture. It is our people who drive the strategies that result in our success, and as a result, deliver the best in hospitality. Our associates are valued and provided a positive, growth-oriented, family atmosphere. Our culture enhances our associates’ talents and creates an environment they enjoy. Satisfied, loyal associates who are fully engaged are critical to generating hospitality excellence. Our guests visit us again and again recommending us to others. As a result, revenues grow and profits increase, enabling continued recognition and rewards for our associates.


Virtuous Cycle

PM Hotel Group uses a Win-Win-Win philosophy.

Associates win. Guests win. Investors win. We call it the “Virtuous Cycle.”  

Our success begins with our heart and soul – the associates
















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