Hotel Operations

Dedicated Hotel Management Operations

Our Washington, DC based executive staff oversees the day-to-day operations of all PM Hotel Group managed hotels. We maintain industry-leading quality that results in guest preference/loyalty and ensures financial success.

  • Directors and Division Leaders frequently travel to properties and work closely with hotel management teams and franchise directors. On property, they conduct regular hotel inspections and keep the ownership up to date. This dedication to our units continues to earn repeated recognition for performance excellence within the respective brands.
  • Each new project includes a Technical Services deep-dive to develop budgets, ensure compliance with brand standards, review and comment on design/architectural plans, and review the specification and purchasing of all operating supplies and amenities. Hotels under construction have dedicated VP level oversight responsible for the operational readiness of the property prior to opening and ongoing support and monitoring through the stabilization period.
  • The Food and Beverage department oversees the operations and design of all our restaurants, banquet/catering operations, and other food and beverage outlets to ensure the highest quality products and service for our guests. This individual works closely with the property level managers to promote best practices, design and implement training and development programs for our staff and identify new business opportunities and cost containment initiatives.