Located at:
401 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

(215) 925-4260 | On the Web

Developed with the belief that everything gets better with age, M.Brown’s, Spirits and Cocktail Bar promises to be the stylish, relaxed place with an upbeat edge in Old City Philadelphia to go for a drink, where it is all about the enjoyment and the time for pretension has passed. Aging improves beverages, bringing complexity and enhanced flavors. The cocktail and singular brown spirit selection celebrate aged spirits and the multitude of bracing flavors they offer, as do complementing snacks produced through time honored techniques, smoking, curing, pickling, and barbecuing. The service team, whiskey-wise and welcoming, pays attention to detail and encourages you to while away the time; getting better as you do. Sip, savor and enjoy the moment.